Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mintie Challenge

Aung Naings wrapper was the longest. His wrapper was 100cm's. Aidens wrapper was  14 cm because he didn't listen. Sky and Sharon had the same cm of wrappers. Their wrappers were 35cm's long.

Whole poster

                                         A whole circle, a whole apple, a whole packet of chips.
                                     I have been lerning about that a whole is the largest all fractions.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

xtra maths

                                              I got 50 right. next time I will need to practice on my wrong quistion

Remembrance Feild

this is my Remembrance Feild

spelling city

                                                        I got 100%  in spelling city

Friday, 24 April 2015

                                             Today we had a special assembly to remember Anzac day.
                                                 Me and Nazanin were one of the students to put the wreath on the table
                                              next to the flag pole. Our wreath was the biggest . A lady from the                                                           New Zealand  Defense force came and she spoke to us about Anzac Day.

spelling city

                                                                 I got 100%
                                                             I got (7 points) and 70%    

Thursday, 23 April 2015

how to make chocolates

                                       This is my procedure about how to make chocolates

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


                                  I got 1+ 4 1+ 3 1+5 1+ 9 2+ 5 4+ 4 5+ 0 6+ 4 9+ 9 6+ 4 6+ 4 right and 6 wrong.
                                 The one that I took long with was 9 + 3.Next time I need to work 5+3 9+3 5+6 3+9
                                 4+9 3+ 5.

My grouping within ten

Today I have been learning grouping within ten. I used blocks to make my grouping within ten. I made 2 + 8= 10 this is my is my poster. I made it using Google Draw.

sanujan tagul

                                                              This is sanujan tagul

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

my tagul

                                                       This is my Tagul by Jacob

spelling city

Photo story

this is my photo story we made the chocolate on the last day

Thursday, 2 April 2015

woven picture

Making a Woven photo Reflection

  1. What are you most pleased with? Why / why not?
I like my woven picture because everything is in the right place. I got help from Liam

2. What did you learn from making your woven picture?
Think about measurement, cutting, alignment, the weaving process
Ive lernt not to put the sterips in wrong place

3. What did you find easy?
Think about measurement, cutting, alignment, the weaving process
I found out that we have to put to the sterips in the right place

4. What did you find difficult?
Think about measurement, cutting, alignment, the weaving process
I found out difficuit sticking the strerips in the wrong place

5. Who did helped you with your woven picture?
I got help from Liam

6. What would you change? why / why not?
Think about colour, alignment, measurement, cutting

I would change the nose

7. What would you do to improve your woven picture next time?

I’ll put the sterips in the right place

Icecream Combinations

Ive lernt how to put 6 ice cream flavours togther

Chocolate Crackles Recipe Book By Jacob

                  This is my chocolate crackles recipe

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My time at the swiming pool

Jacob’s time at the School Swimming Pool

Learning intention
I am learning to write a hook an exciting beginning that captures audience interest levels.

Caboom, as I splashed in the pool. The pool was so cold. I had to keep on moving to get warm. First I was doing streamline, then I was floating. When I finished I went out and changed in the boys tent. Then I went back to class.

Comparing Fruit burst packet

Hi this is my comparing fruit burst packets